Altagracia Damian
Altagracia Damian started a tiny ceramics business in the Dominican Republic. She believes that development, whether personal or professional, is the result of human and economic resources.

Alemnesh Geressu
Alemnesh Geressu is one member of the Women’s Poverty Lending Program of CRS/Ethiopia (operated in collaboration with the local counterpart, Meki Vicariate, 110 km southeast of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).

Flora Matiasi
Flora sells “mandazi” or oil cakes, a donut-like confection. With her loans from the local FINCA village bank, she has been able to buy raw materials in bulk at a better price.

La Maman Mole Motuke
La Maman Mole Motuke lived in a wrecked car in a suburb of Kinshasa, Zaire with her four children.
Before joining Grameen, Nurjahan had never earned more than $37.50 in a year and owned no land. After five years as a borrower with the Grameen Bank, her annual income is $250 (just above the national average)…

Alice Pallewela
When Alice Pallewela of Sri Lanka needed money to support her family, she turned to what she knew–candy and her credit union.

Julia Sairitupac
Julia Sairitupac was born in the district of Santiago, 330 kilometers south of Lima, Peru. She was married at fourteen to a twenty-eight-year-old man.

Katakana Strzelinska
Katakana Strzelinska is 24 and lives in a working-class district in Lodz, the traditional textile center of Poland. Many factories have closed, leaving many people unemployed, especially women skilled in sewing.

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