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Resource Library / Climbing the Ladder: The Jamii Bora Story

In 2011, the Microcredit Summit Campaign commissioned Daniel Karslake and Helen Mendoza to produce "Climbing the Ladder: The Story of Jamii Bora." This short film tells how Jamii Bora, a microfinance institution founded by Ingrid Munro and 50 women beggars, is revolutionizing microfinance in Kenya. "Climbing the Ladder" illustrates how Jamii Bora is solving some of the most difficult problems in the Nairobi slums by providing the means for thieves and alcoholics to reform and for beggars and prostitutes to become business women and men. Jamii Bora members have access to financial services (savings and credit), health insurance, business education, an Alcoholics Anonymous-like program, and "the promise land, Kaputei," a sustainable housing complex in the suburbs of Nairobi. "In Jamii Bora, we don't say no to the poorest, most aggressive beggar, ... we don't exclude even criminals, we don't exclude prostitutes. We don't look down on anyone and say, 'You're a bad person.' We say, 'There is a life for you, as well.'" -- Ingrid Munro, founder, Jamii Bora For further information: Microcredit Summit Campaign: Jamii Bora: Daniel Karslake and Helen Mendoza:

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