See How Microcredit is Changing Africa…

The Africa Region Microcredit Summit invites you to tour microcredit programs in five different countries to see how microcredit is changing the face of Africa.


…Uganda and see how microentrepeneurs are more financially able to take care of AIDS orphans— see how their success enables them to feed, house, educate and care for their everyday needs.

…Rwanda and see how microcredit is helping to rebuild the lives of women after genocide ravaged their country.

…South Africa and see how microcredit is helping people survive financially in the wake of the devastating socio-economic impact that AIDS is having on those living in the epicenter of new infections.

…French Africa in Burkina Faso and see how microcredit is helping to bring people out of poverty in one of the poorest nations on the planet.

…Nigeria where the seeds of democracy grow everyday in the lives of women microentrepeneurs.

…Senegal and see how a collectively – owned and operated microbusiness works in the lives of some of Africa’s poorest people.

…Zimbabwe and see how microentrepeneurs are successfully surviving and overcoming the obstacles of the recent political unrest and violence that plagues their country.

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