Pathways Out of Poverty Book Series

New Pathways Out of Poverty (published in 2011)

Available in three languages:

ISBN-13: 978-1565494381 & ISBN-10: 1565494385

Editors: Sam Daley-Harris and Anna Awimbo

Chapter 1 | Beyond “Ethical” Financial Services: Developing a Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance
By Frances Sinha

Chapter 2 | Challenges to the Field and Solutions: Over-indebtedness, Client Dropouts, Unethical Collection Practices, Exorbitant Interest Rates, Mission Drift, Poor Governance Structures, and More
By Anton Simanowitz

Chapter 3 | Social Business and Microfinance: Building Partnerships With Corporations and Other Entities to Speed the End of Poverty
By Muhammad Yunus

Chapter 4 | Using Microfinance Plus Agricultural Services to Improve Rural Livelihoods and Food Security
By Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Dr. Mahabub Hossain, Susan Davis, and Rod Dubitsky

Chapter 5 | Toward Reinventing Microfinance Through Solving the “Last-Mile Problem”: Bringing Clean Energy Solutions and Actionable Information to the Poor
By Alex Counts with invaluable assistance from Julia Arnold, Muhammad Nurul Alam, Heather Thorne, and Nicola Armacost1

Chapter 6 | Multidecade and Multicentury Visioning: Where Do You Want the Field to Be in 10 Years or More, and What Could You or Your Institution Do to Get Us There?
By Dave Ellis

More Pathways Out of Poverty (published in 2006)

Available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) for US $12. Contact us at info[at] to find out how you can purchase a copy.

ISBN-13: 978-1565492295 & ISBN-10: 1565492293

Editors: Sam Daley-Harris and Anna Awimbo

Chapter 1 | Achieving the Microcredit Summit and Millennium Development Goals of Reducing Extreme Poverty: What Is the Cutting Edge on Cost-Effectively Measuring Movement across the $1/Day Threshold?
By Thierry van Bastelaer and Manfred Zeller

Chapter 2 | Factors That Contribute to Exponential Growth: Case Studies for Massive Outreach to the Poor and Poorest
By Alex Counts, Roshaneh Zafar, and Erin Connor

Chapter 3 | Commercialization: Overcoming the Obstacles to Accessing Commercial Funds While Maintaining a Commitment to Reaching the Poorest
By Larry Reed

Chapter 4 | Building Domestic Financial Systems That Work for the Majority
By Women’s World Banking

Pathways Out of Poverty (published in 2002)

Available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) for US $8. Contact us at info[at] to find out how you can purchase a copy.

ISBN-13: 978-1565491595 & ISBN-10: 1565491599

Editor: Sam Daley-Harris

Chapter 1 | Ensuring Impact: Reaching the Poorest while Building Financially Self-Sufficient Institutions, and Showing Improvement in the Lives of Poorest Women and Their Families
By Anton Simanowitz with Alice Walker

Chapter 2 | Building Better Lives: Sustainable Integration of Microfinance with Education in Child Survival, Reproductive Health, and HIV/AIDS Prevention for the Poorest Entrepreneurs
By Chris Dunford

Chapter 3 | Innovations from the Field: A Daringly Brief Summary of a Huge Phenomenon
By John K. Hatch with Sara R. Levine and Amanda Penn

Chapter 4 | Empowering Women through Microfinance
By Susy Cheston and Lisa Kuhn

Chapter 5 | Financing Microfinance for Poverty Reduction
By David S. Gibbons and Jennifer W. Meehan

Chapter 6 | Policies, Regulations, and Systems that Promote Sustainable Financial Services to the Poor and Poorest
By Women’s World Banking

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