Microcredit Summit Campaign and Mexico’s Ministry of Economy Sign Agreement to Co-host the 17th Microcredit Summit; Registration Now Open

Washington, DC – The Microcredit Summit Campaign announced today that registration for the 17th Microcredit Summit to be held in Mexico this September 3-5 is now open. The partnership between the Microcredit Summit Campaign and the Ministry of Economy (Mexico) through its National Microenterprise Financing Program (PRONAFIM) to co-host the 17th Microcredit Summit was made official at a signing ceremony May 14th. 

Elenitza Canavati Hadjópulos, general coordinator of PRONAFIM, declared it an honor to host the 17th Microcredit Summit in Mexico. In her remarks at the signing ceremony, Canavati said that the Summit ‘will benefit the lives of those in Mexico and around the world. We [PRONAFIM] are committed to help people that use microfinance services in order to better the quality of their lives.”

Larry Reed, director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, said that Mexico “is really following what the Campaign is all about, which is to see people in extreme poverty receive the tools and services they need to move out of poverty.” Reed remarked that the partnership with Mexico will provide a great opportunity to discuss the challenges that face the next generation of microfinance, particularly how to help the poorest in the context of a globally competitive economy like Mexico, in which a well-educated local work force demands higher wages thus driving up interest rates to cover operational costs.

Canavati stated that the Summit will serve as an opportunity to reinforce what works and address the issues that need to be improved. She also believes that the Summit will be a great chance for microfinance actors in Mexico to form alliances and partnerships with other organizations in order to get exposure to best practices from around the world.

Microcredit Summits convene leading microfinance practitioners, NGOs, government policymakers for financial inclusion and social welfare, and funders and social impact investors from around the world to work together to end extreme poverty. Since the first Microcredit Summit in 1997, the Microcredit Summit Campaign has advocated for microfinance that reaches the very poor and helps families lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

The 17th Microcredit Summit will be held September 3-5 at the Centro de Convenciones y Exposiciones Yucután Siglo XXI in history-rich Mérida, the capital of the State of Yucután, and will focus on the theme “Generation Next: Innovations in Microfinance.” It will be preceded on September 2nd by the 13th National Microfiance Meeting, and official pre-Summit event at Siglo XXI organized by PRONAFIM that will introduce Summit delegates to a deeper understanding of the Mexico microfinance sector.

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