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"The 2006 Microcredit Summit in Halifax was an inspiring convening of practitioners around the world. At that convening in 2006, many MFI practitioners were first introduced to Kiva and learned of our theory of change: that the internet community would provide patient, risk tolerant capital the risk and cost frontiers of microfinance. The Microcredit Summit gatherings since then serve as a valuable forum for practitioners, funders, industry enables and critics to come together to learn about what is new and what could be done better when we return home."

-Premal Shah, President, Kiva (2012)

“While the US government has supported microcredit activities, the work of the Microcredit Summit has served as an important catalyst for change. I would like to congratulate the Microcredit Summit for surpassing their goal and reaching more than 106 million of the world’s poorest families with access to microloans. Only 10 years ago, fewer than eight million of the poorest families had access to the life changing service of microcredit.

This accomplishment is due in large part to the collective determination of microfinance institutions around the world who answered the Summit’s call to action and focused their efforts on reaching those most in need of- but are too often ignored and forgotten by- traditional financial service institutions.”

-Nita Lowey, U.S. Congresswoman, New York, 18th District (2009)
“The Microcredit Summit Campaign has inspired all of us to think big. Opportunity International is committed to the mobilization of $1 billion over the next four years to help 100 million more people work their way out of poverty by 2015.”

-Susy Cheston, Senior Vice President, Opportunity International (2009)
“While practitioners work in villages and hamlets usually in silence, the Microcredit Summit Secretariat gives microfinance voices in high places!”

-Business Day, Nigeria (2008)
“Great job in Indonesia. The whole Microcredit Summit team really put together a fantastic summit with excellent content and a great faculty.”

-Joy Marini, Director, Johnson and Johnson Corporate Contributions (2008 Asia-Pacific Regional Summit)
“Microcredit is about engendering dignity and self-worth in allowing the greatest number of this planet’s population to lift themselves and their family out of poverty in a sustainable manner. Microcredit is likely the greatest tool for social good ever developed. The Microcredit Summit is the “Davos” of this rapidly expanding universe, and its leadership microcredit’s greatest advocates. They have called more to action for poverty alleviation, which in turn builds human dignity and prosperity in health, equality, the environment, education, social order and world peace than, I believe, any other socially-just effort. This is an organization whose healthy heart, coupled with its passionate and wise leadership, is making a universally critical impact and is, thus, critical to support.”

-Dr. Steven Funk, Co-Founder of the Dignity Fund (2008)
“One of the best forums for fruitful conversations among many types of microcredit practitioners from around the world is the Microcredit Summit Campaign. The story of this global organization offers a good way of tracing the development and growth of the microcredit movement.”

-Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Author (Excerpt from Creating a World Without Poverty, 2008)
“Sam Daley-Harris was the natural choice for Grameen Foundation's first 'Susan M. Davis Lifetime Achievement Award'. His advocacy work is legendary and has advanced microfinance and other high-impact anti-poverty strategies. In addition, through the Microcredit Summit Campaign, he has bent the arc of the microfinance movement in significant ways. He has done so on shoestring budget based on the force of his personality and his unique ability to bring people from diverse stakeholder groups together to discuss and advance pro-poor microfinance. He saw the power of establishing a global goal with built-in accountability metrics and systems, and how it could energize thousands of institutions globally to collectively achieve the unthinkable -- reaching 100 million of the world's poorest families with microfinance and related services. As a result, we all succeeded.”

-Alex Counts, President, Grameen Foundation (2007)
“I am awed by the experience I just had, aware of having been witness to a Moment in History.”

-Dr. Christopher Dunford, Former President, Freedom from Hunger (Following the first Microcredit Summit in 1997)
“I am thrilled to see such a turnout for this Summit, which is one of the most important gatherings that we could have anywhere in our world.”

-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (1997 Founding Summit)
“Many, many congratulations on what you accomplished last week! You had a very smart, if audacious, strategy—and, true to form for you, you made it happen. Very, very few other people could conceivably have pulled this off.”

-Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO - Ashoka (1997 Founding Summit)