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Commit to Help 100 Million

At the re-launch of the Microcredit Summit Campaign during the 2006 Global Microcredit Summit in Halifax, Canada, Summit delegates established two new goals for the Campaign to achieve by 2015: 1) to reach 175 million of the world’s poorest with microfinance and 2) to help 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Since the founding of the Campaign in 1997, we have been committed to tracking progress towards our goals, and until recently, we had been on track to reach 175 million by 2015.

At the 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit in Manila Philippines, delegates once again adopted a bold vision for the future of the campaign, the Partnerships against Poverty Summit Declaration. This Declaration is the avowed commitment of delegates to reach the end of poverty by 2030. The 100 Million Project, an initiative of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, is leading a global campaign to partner with institutions around the world through "Campaign Commitments" to help 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty. These are statements of those individuals and institutions dedicated to the end of poverty describing how they will work toward that end, through specific, measurable, and time-bound actions.

The 2013 Summit was a moment in history as the program was launched with first 18 Campaign Commitments, the project received endorsement from World Bank President Jim Kim, and delegates endorsed the Summit Declaration. FINCA founder John Hatch called it the best Summit he had ever attended, stating that it was the first in which there was such energy behind ending poverty, driven by a sincere belief that it can be achieved. 

With this new vision of member engagement, we at the Campaign will workwith you to develop your Campaign Commitments and to provide opportunities to partner with and learn from others in order to support you in achieving your Commitment.

John Hatch, FINCA founder and Microcredit Summit Campaign co-founder, presents FINCA's Campaign Commitment.

Campaign Commitments will be the first global and measurable set of commitments by a wide range of organizations from different sectors expressly established to help 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty. By stating publicly the actions that we are taking to help reach the end of poverty, we will build greater transparency and increase accountability to each other in following through on the Commitments we've made.

17 organizations were on-site at the 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit to represent their Campaign Commitments to help 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty and to thereby make a major step forward in ending poverty entirely by 2030.





Join the Microcredit Summit Campaign and state what specific, measureable, and time-bound actions your organization will commit to completing to reach Goal 2, the "100 Million Goal," and help us take a major step toward ending poverty by 2030.

For more information or to make a commitment, write to