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Council Commitment Forms

Council Activities

  • Educate their staffs, their members, and their
    communities about microfinance and the
    Campaign's goals.
  • Recruit new Campaign members.
  • Promote a learning agenda and the exchange of
    best practices among Council members.
  • Submit a commitment outlining their
    contribution to the fulfillment of the Campaign's goals

To advance the two goals of the Campaign, Council Members pledge to:

  • Develop specific and actionable strategies or partnerships with other Campaign members to reach the very poor.
  • Describe how your work will help the Campaign reach 175 million poorest families with microfinance and/or help 100 million families lift themselves out of extreme poverty.
  • Commit to utilizing where possible reliable poverty measurement tools and other means of measuring impact on clients’ lives.
  • And, where possible, to build poverty outreach into members’ institutional missions.

How to Join a Council

To join a Microcredit Summit Campaign Council, please fill out the appropriate Council Membership Form below. 

  • Council of Advocates & Support Organizations +

  • Council of Funders & Investors +

  • Council of Heads of State & Government +

  • Council of Microfinance Practitioners and Associations +

  • Council of Policy Makers & Regulators +

  • Council of Researchers & Academic Institutions +