Breakout Session Proposal

The 18th Microcredit Summit will be an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to promote best practices and engage in a thoughtful discussion around the challenges and opportunities in using microfinance as tool that can help us contribute to ending extreme poverty.

This Summit will serve as a platform for innovations that use microfinance and other financial services and products as tools that facilitate movement out of poverty. The breakout sessions will help illustrate the strategies, partnerships, products, and programs that help end extreme poverty by empowering those at the bottom of the pyramid to seize opportunity and resist vulnerability.

Special attention will be given to topics related to:    

Poverty Measurement & Social Performance IndicatorsIntegrated Health & Microfinance ServicesYouth Entrepreneurship through MicrofinanceSavings Groups & Community-based MicrofinanceSavings-linked Conditional Cash Transfers ProgramsGender EmpowermentGreen Energy & Climate ChangeMicroinsurance ProductsImproving Client Capabilities through Financial LiteracyImpact Investment & MicrofinanceReaching the Ultra Poor through the Graduation ApproachAgricultural Microfinance & Agricultural Value-ChainsDigital Financial Services & Technological InnovationsMobile Banking