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About the Report

Resilience: The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report, 2014

The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report is a good introduction to the hottest topics and most interesting developments in microfinance worldwide. It is also the largest and most comprehensive annual survey on the outreach of microfinance to the poor and extreme poor, and we have more than a dozen years of reporting available. See all previous reports in our Resource Library.

Data Collection

We collect data through our Institutional Action Plans (IAPs) each year in order to report on the progress that the sector is making towards reaching more than 175 million of the poorest families with microfinance and ensuring that 100 million of those families rise out of poverty (our two goals). See the latest data.


Infographics: We also have produced a series of complex infographics illustrating the theory of change behind innovations in microfinance like the BRAC graduation model, conditional cash transfers, and digital transaction (e.g., mobile money, etc.) as well as concepts such as the psychology of scarcity and the vulnerability of extreme poverty (what makes them so vulnerable and how to build resilience).

Video interviews: We interview experts each year who work closely with strategies to serve the needs of people living in extreme poverty. For example, last year’s report features the following experts and topics:

  • Social business: Nobel laureate and Grameen Bank founder, Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh)
  • Mobile payments: Rodger Voorhies of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA)
  • Full financial inclusion: Pia Roman of the Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Microinsurance: Afua Boahema Donkor of Star Microinsurance (Ghana)
  • Mobilizing savings: Ian Radcliffe of WSBI (Belgium)
  • Poverty measurement: Julie Peachey of Grameen Foundation (USA)
  • Integrating health and microfinance: John Alex of Equitas Microfinance (India)
  • Conditional cash transfers and savings: Yves Moury of Fundación Capital (Colombia)

The State of the Campaign Report is also published in a free, web-based version where you can find these additional multimedia resources, which were impossible to share in the prior print versions. The Report is available for purchase as a PDF for $2.99 and in print for $12.95. For more visit


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