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Media Coverage of the 2012 State of the Field report

July 06, 2012

A two-pronged approach


July 19, 2012

The Hindu

Microfinance can be leveraged to address health care expenditure for the poor

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Suzanne Skees writes about our project, Financing Healthier Lives, in the Huffington Post

February 17, 2012

Suzanne Skees, director of the Skees Family Foundation and writer, is a longtime supporter of Freedom from Hunger (FFH), a strategic partner of the Microcredit Summit Campaign in a new alliance to benefit 3.7 million of the world’s poor by combining microfinance and health. Ms. Skees is currently in India visiting FFH programs and wrote the following article on the Huffington Post. 

$2 A Year Can Keep Mothers And Their Families Healthy In The Developing World

Laily Begum felt lucky to receive a $75 microloan for a sewing machine to launch her tailoring business. With the machine, she could produce a salwar kameez (tunic and pants) in just 2.5 hours. She found a corner in her one-room brick house in a village near Kolkata, India, that she shared with her husband and five children, and set to work, earning almost $1 for each outfit. Her husband, initially skeptical about Laily's loan, watched her business grow to include four more machines, five employees -- including her sons -- and a second room added to their house.

To read the rest of the article, go to the Huffington Post: Global Motherhood.

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Media Coverage of the State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2012

February 05, 2012

On November 10, 2011, four days before the Global Microcredit Summit 2011 held in Valladolid, Spain, Spanish Secretary of State for International Cooperation joined the Microcredit Summit Campaign in a press conference to launch the State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2012.

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Editorial in ACP/EU Microfinance Newsletter #2

January 30, 2012

"The river of microfinance" by Larry Reed

Microfinance is like a river. A river that flows within its banks provides life and livelihoods to all the communities it passes through. But a river that overflows its banks can leave destruction and devastation in its wake.

To read more, download the ACP/EU Microfinance Newsletter #2.


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Microcredit Borrowers Moving out of Poverty in India

August 16, 2011

Microfinance Focus reports: "Counting the net number of people who crossed from below the USD 1.25 a day consumption in India between 1990 and 2010, a study by India Development Foundation (IDF) shows that nearly 9 million Indian households involved in microfinance - including approximately 45 million family members moved above USD 1.25 threshold during the last two decades. View the article.


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Local media coverage of Regional Microcredit Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2010

April 13, 2010

Watch local TV coverage of the Africa - Middle East Regional Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya April 7-10, 2010.

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Sam Daley-Harris Featured in MIT Press Journal

July 21, 2009

This month's MIT Press publication of its Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization Journal featured a piece by Kiva co-founder, Matt Flannery. Sam Daley-Harris was asked to respond to Flannery's piece, "Kiva at Four". Please CLICK HERE to view the journal and Sam's piece.

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Excerpt of Sam Daley-Harris’ Opening Ceremony Remarks from the Latin America-Caribbean Summit

June 17, 2009

Last week Sam Daley-Harris opened the Latin America-Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit in Cartagena, Colombia. He shared the stage with, among others, Professor Muhammad Yunus and Colombia President Alvaro Uribe. Below is an excerpt of his remarks:

"...And I ask you to challenge yourselves to take your accomplishments to the next level-to build microfinance institutions that are at the cutting edge-that use microfinance to end poverty in your country, your region, and around the world..."

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Sam Daley-Harris’ remarks, Global Center for Development and Democracy

March 26, 2009

Sam Daley-Harris speaks about advancing microfinance's effectiveness and scope in Latin America at the Global Center for Development and Democracy in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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The Future of Microcredit: At Home and Abroad

February 27, 2009

The Kojo Nnamdi Radio Show
88.5 FM American University National Public Radio
Broadcast on Thursday February 26, 2009

For more than 30 years, small loans have been making a big difference in developing countries. Now, some suggest microfinance institutions (MFIs) could make a strong impact by focusing on US-based entrepreneurs. We look at microcredit's evolution, hear why some worry that success stories may be overblown, and learn how lessons from abroad might be applied to local small businesses.

<u>Featured Guests</u>:
<a href="" title="Sam Daley-Harris">Sam Daley-Harris</a>, Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign; also Founder and President of RESULTS Educational Fund
David Roodman, Research Fellow, Center for Global Development; Project Manager, Commitment to Development Index
Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director, Center for Financial Inclusion, ACCION International

Click here to listen to the recording of the show.

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“100 Million Reached” Announcement from Press Around the World

January 26, 2009

<a href="" title="Ghana:  Women Hail Micro Loans">Ghana:  Women Hail Micro Loans</a>
Public Agenda, Ghana

<a href="" title="The Microcredit Crunch:  the Global Recession's Invisible Victim">The Microcredit Crunch:  the Global Recession's Invisible Victim<a>
Goh Iromoto Graphic/the Ubyssey, Canada

<a href="" title="Millions benefit from Microcredit ">Millions benefit from Microcredit </a>
Tulsa World, USA

<a href="" title="Some good economic news">Some good economic news</a>
Calgary Herald, Canada

<a href="" title="Goal for Microloans Achieved">Goal for Microloans Achieved</a>, USA

<a href="" title="World’s poor gets financial aid">World’s poor gets financial aid</a>
Business World Online, Philippines

<a href="" title="Micro loans pull 'beggars above poverty line'">Micro loans pull 'beggars above poverty line'</a>
ABC News, Australia

<a href="" title="More than 100 Million of World's Poorest Benefit from Microcredit">More than 100 Million of World's Poorest Benefit from Microcredit</a>
India PR Wire, India

<a href="" title="MICROCAPITAL PAPER WRAP-UP: The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2009">MICROCAPITAL PAPER WRAP-UP: The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2009</a>, Boston, USA

<a href="" title="Good news in the global economy">Good news in the global economy</a>
Straight Goods, Canada

<a href="" title="Investment in microcredit presents secure and noble option in economic downturn">Investment in microcredit presents secure and noble option in economic downturn</a>
The Canadian Press, Canada

<a href="" title="Why women are a safe bet">Why women are a safe bet</a>
The Ottawa Citizen, Canada

<a href="" title="&quot;Micro loans give half world's poorest a way up&quot;">"Micro loans give half world's poorest a way up"</a>
Reuters, UK

<a href="" title="World's Poorest Benefit from Micro-credit">World's Poorest Benefit from Micro-credit</a>
This Day, Nigeria

<a href="" title="Microcredit: Economic success">Microcredit: Economic success</a>
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board, USA

<a href="" title="Reform U.S. foreign aid to focus on reducing poverty">Reform U.S. foreign aid to focus on reducing poverty</a>
Seattle Times Editorial, USA

<a href="" title="Is the end of poverty">Is the end of poverty</a>
The Times of Trenton Op-Ed, USA

<a href=",5143,705280245,00.html" title="An answer to world poverty">An answer to world poverty</a>
Desert News, Utah, USA

<a href="" title="MICROCAPITAL STORY: The Microcredit Summit Campaign Announced that Microcredit Reached More than 106 Million of the World’s Poorest in 2007">"MICROCAPITAL STORY: The Microcredit Summit Campaign Announced that Microcredit Reached More than 106 Million of the World’s Poorest in 2007"</a>, Boston, USA

<a href="" title="Microcredit Reaches Half of World’s Poorest">Microcredit Reaches Half of World’s Poorest</a>
Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

<a href="" title="خطة &quot;أجفند&quot; للقروض متناهية الصغر تستهدف 3 ملايين من شريحة الفقراء بحلول 2015">خطة "أجفند" للقروض متناهية الصغر تستهدف 3 ملايين من شريحة الفقراء بحلول 2015</a>, Saudi Arabia

<a href="" title="Over 106m Poor Receive Microloans">Over 106m poor receive microloans</a>
ArabNews, Saudi Arabia

<a href="" title="&quot;Over 106m Poor Receive Microloans&quot;">"Over 106m Poor Receive Microloans"</a>, Jordon

<a href="" title="Helping poorest of poor">Helping poorest of poor</a>
Rome Sentinel, USA

<a href="" title="Microcredit sets foreign aid example">Microcredit sets foreign aid example</a>
Contra Costa Times, USA


<a href="" title="Half of the world's people have access to microcredit ">Half of the world's people have access to microcredit </a>

<a href="" title="MFIs manna for the very poor">MFIs manna for the very poor</a>

<a href="" title="On the Value of Microcredit">On the Value of Microcredit</a>

<a href="" title="Microloans and Milestones">Microloans and Milestones</a>
The Tulsa Initiative Blog, USA

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Gates Foundation Provides $700,000 to Document Success of Microcredit

January 13, 2009

<a href="" title="Government Technology Magazine">Government Technology Magazine</a>
News Report

The Microcredit Summit Campaign was the recipient of a $700,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The grant will help the Campaign measure progress toward its goal of ensuring that 100 million families rise above the $1 a day threshold by 2015.

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Shaikha Sabeeka Meets Head of the Microcredit Summit Campaign

November 24, 2008

<a href="" title="Bahrain New Agency">Bahrain New Agency</a>
Manama, Bahrain
Nov. 24, 2008

Her highness, the wife of his majesty and the chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Woman (SCW), Shaikha Sabeeka bint Ibrahim al Khalifa, received here today Sam Daley-Harris, director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign.

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Microcredit: The World’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Poverty

November 01, 2008

<a href="" title="Forum CSR International Magazine">Forum CSR International Magazine</a>
By: Sam Daley-Harris

In October 2006, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that the Nobel Peace Prize for that year would be awarded to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, “for their efforts to create economic and social development from below. Lasting peace,” the Committee said, “cannot be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty. Microcredit is one such means. Development from below also serves to advance democracy and human rights.” With these words, 2006 became a breakthrough year for the microfinance movement.

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Global Economy Tests African Microcredit Channels

October 24, 2008

<a href="" title="Voice of America News">Voice of America News</a>
By Howard Lesser
Washington, DC
24 October 2008

Amid growing signs that the global economy is worsening, the White House yesterday extended an invitation to developing countries to attend a summit next month in Washington with leaders of the world’s wealthy economies.  Faced with rising food and fuel prices, some of Africa’s poorest nations are struggling to lower earlier projections of economic growth by focusing on how to satisfy the basic day-to-day needs of their citizens. One avenue for attracting investment needed to keep capital flowing in to local African businesses and public works is the practice of microfinance, or supplying credit to the poor at agreed-to, flexible rates which they can afford to pay back in an acceptable time frame.  But the director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Sam Daley-Harris says that tightening pressures are being felt even in low-end borrowing circles and that such small but essential programs that can make a difference for Africans facing dire poverty are also feeling the effects of the global financial pinch.

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