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A sneak peek at the 2015 Report

Read chapter 1 of

Can we end extreme poverty by 2030?

The World Bank has announced a goal to end extreme poverty by 2030; the UN is likely to adopt a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in which we will "end poverty in all its forms everywhere" by that same date. What role does our sector play in making that happen?

Interviews with experienced, respected leaders

  • Solving unemployment: Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus
  • Telcos & interoperability: Tara Nathan (MasterCard)
  • Cash transfers: Mariana Escobar (Colombia’s Dept for Social Prosperity)
  • Reaching the extreme poor: Shameran Abed & Syed Hashemi (BRAC)
  • Measuring client poverty: Luis Fernando Sanabria (Fundación Paraguaya)
  • Next generation of leaders: Glynis Rankin (Creative Metier)

5 key areas for bringing an end to extreme poverty by 2030

We know that linking microfinance and financial inclusion strategies with anti-poverty programs can create clear pathways out of poverty in a sustainable way. We can and should influence the future of anti-poverty efforts, and the 2015 Report will propose 5 specific strategies.

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